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The ideal walk in tub solution

walk in tubs by cozy tubsFind a larger variety of options that include the latest safety features, and conveniences from trusted brands like Whirlpool, Kohler and Hydro Systems.

Always get the most reliable information from one of our experts for your specific purpose. Learn which product best suites your needs so you can make an educated decision.

Get fast, straightforward installations for all bathroom sizes headache free.

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Because we buy in bulk, and pass the savings down to our customers, we can offer better prices for walk in tubs and installations anywhere around. We're 12 years trusted and still growing.

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Why get a walk in bath Tub

As mobility becomes more challenging, and safety becomes more of a concern, walk in tubs offer a tremendous amount of benefits that are hard to overlook. A simple switch to a new walk in bathtub can make bathing less of a stressful task, while offering a tremendous amount of therapeutic aid.

Walk in bathtubs are a fantastic option to consider that will not only save time, increase energy, and make sleep more tranquil, but will also increase safety while reducing the need for assistance with simple bathing tasks.

Your Safety Matters

Cozy tubs safety featuresStatistically, most home injuries that affect adults over the age of 67 happen near or around the bathtub. Having a bathtub that you can safely move in and out of is important to your health and well-being. There are many options available that can help you afford a walk in bathtub including walk in tub for seniors programs, low monthly payments, and reduced walk-in tub prices, but there is no price tag you can put on your health.

Our walk in tub features:

walk in bathtub features cozy tubsOur walk in tubs are built for stability and longevity using fiberglass reinforced acrylic for maximum strength and a quality finish.

-A step-in tub that’s designed for safety as well as comfort will have a low step over threshold. That’s why every model we carry has the smallest step over area available today, and uses a large walk-in door that will make moving in and out of it simple and painless.

-The walk-in door is built tough and rigorously tested to make sure its water proofing capabilities will last for the lifetime you’ll own your step in tub.

-Built in curved and contoured seat up to 17 inches and a sloping back rest with a spa like feel.

-Comfortable grab bar, and textured non-slip flooring, compact design that’s extremely spacious.

walk in tub with jets and spa features include:

hydrotherapy feature for deluxe walk in tubs by cozy tubs-Deluxe massage system with a legs only massage feature, deluxe spa feature includes a premium hydrotherapy system.

Our walk in tub solutions:

Safety Tubs – Offering options in acrylic and fiberglass, these walk in tubs offer some of the best options available today. Safety Tubs focuses on quality and delivers a product that’s durable and jam packed with many spa like features.

Universal Tubs – A great option that’s available in many sizes with acrylic finishes, and door positions, Universal Tubs are built tough with a tremendous amount of customization options that can fit your liking.

Ariel Walk-in Bathtubs – Designed with many additional safety features, Ariel walk in tubs are easy to operate and look great. These high gloss tripe coated walk in tubs come with Roman faucets, contour seating, and a fast draining feature.

Kohler Walk in Tubs – A trusted name for residential bathing systems, Kohler offers their new Elevance rising wall baths, a series of walk-in tub alternatives. Kohler walk-in tubs are spacious and are built in a high quality finish.

Homeward Bath – Offering a series of easy transfer, in-ward, outward, step in, or sit in walk in bathtubs, Homeward Bath makes some of the most safety conscious bath tubs with options for every type of mobility challenge.

Total Care Bathing – A high quality, yet affordable walk-in tub manufacturer, Total Care Bathing provides many options geared around safety, quality, and comfort. Total Care Bathing applies a practical approach into every walk in tub they manufacture, giving their owners a safe, reliable, and affordable bathing system.

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